DVI, HDMI, SDI Matrix Routers/Switchers
Matrix Router Application  
User-configurable Matrix Switching and Routing of DVI inputs and outputs
Up to 36 simultaneous video inputs and outputs
Supports resolution up to WUXGA (1,920x1,200) at 60Hz and HD up to 1080p (1,920x1,080)
EDID reading and restoring via EEPROM; Factory preset available
Input, Output, and EDID setting through Front Keys, GUI Software and Command Line (Hyper Terminal or Telnet Window)
Supports DDC and HDCP
Remote control via USB, RS-232, TCP/IP, Ethernet or Front Keys
Front-Panel view of routes, input signals, output devices, and systems settings
19” Rack-mountable
Available in 4x4, 6x6,8x8, 18x18, 36x36 and Custom Configurations…
DVI Matrix Router DVI Matrix Router HDMI Matrix Router SDI Matrix Router